Monday, 25 January 2016

Work Outfit

skirt - river island, top - jaeger boutique, necklace - vintage, belt - vintage, shoes - can't even remember they are so old!

 This skirt got a lot of compliments when I wore it this week, which was pleasing! It was nice to wear something bright when the weather has been so cold and miserable.

I actually got it back before Christmas in the Asos sale, but it was about 10 inches longer than it is now and I wanted to get it shortened. After spending way too much time looking for the perfect midi skirts for my little legs I have given up and just take everything I like to be adjusted before I wear it.

This is pretty typical of my go-to work outfit now. A midi skirt, vintage belt and a relaxed (read - doesn't need to be ironed) top. It strikes the right balance for me between wanting to look put together but also not overdressed for my office's very un-corporate culture. I do like to have a bt of a uniform when it comes to work, it's just way too cold at the moment to spend any time at all out of bed yet not dressed, so taking time in the morning to put things together is not happening! 


char said...

Ah, I love the skirt - super colours!

Matthew Pike said...

That's a nice injection of colour.

Buckets & Spades

Becky C. said...

Beautiful skirt, looks like something you'd find in Anthropologie!

I have the opposite problem though - at 6' it's near impossible to find clothing (especially jeans and tops) that fits properly! Wish I could make things longer..

Sherin said...

Such a gorgeous skirt!! Love the print and colour.
I feel your pain about finding midi skirts. I've taken to wearing maxi's with heels (in the summer of course) because midi's come so long on me.

Lily Lipstick said...

Love this outfit! It's great that your new job is a little less corporate - I'm really struggling to find work clothes I like these days, I guess the novelty has well and truly worn off! x