Monday, 22 February 2016

A day out in Canterbury


James had a rare Saturday off from work this weekend, and so to make the most of it, and take advantage of my railcard, we decided to go on a day trip to Canterbury. First off the weather was awful (not Canterbury's fault!) and I think it would be a great city for a sunny day - there were tons of amazing looking take away food places (Pork and Co looked jawdroppingly good!) that would have been perfect for eating while wandering around the cobbled streets or sitting in the Cathedral grounds.

We still had a lovely day out though. We had lunch in Little Joe's Deli, mainly because they had space to sit upstairs, and it was delicious. I had a salt beef bagel and James had the chilli dog. They were both filling without being too much, and it was pretty reasonably priced too. Our total meal came to about £13. After that we explored the Cathedral, where unfortunately a number of parts of the building were closed, but the choir happened to be practising while we were there which was was just stunning to listen to, and made up for the bits we couldn't see. I cannot sing at all, and despite music lessons and even joining a choir when I was younger, I have accepted I am tone deaf, and when I sing I just cannot tell if I am even in the ballpark of the tune. Feedback from third parties (mainly James) suggests most of the time I am not!

For me though, this only enhances my appreciation of really good singing, and listening to professionals doing something I could not even hope to get close to is just awe inspiring. Particularly in such an amazing setting as Canterbury Cathedral.

After getting rained on while looking around the Cathedral grounds and in shop windows, we finally dried off in the Chocolate cafe, with cake, before heading back via the Beaney Museum which had a little exhibition on Star Wars collectibles and memorabilia and then back home to London.


Sherin said...

Canterbury is so gorgeous. I went there a few years ago but I want to go back now.

Sampada N said...

I'd love to visit Canterbury so much -- it seems like such a nice destination. One day!

Sampada | Sampz and Such

Rachel said...

Lovely to see home through someone elses eyes - the penultimate photo I litereally used to walk through that garden 3-4 times a day at least, and it looks so different there! And I have not heard the choir in the Cathedral for years -it is one of the most magical parts of my school years.

Matthew Pike said...

Perfect day out, but a shame it wasn't all open.

Buckets & Spades