Sunday, 28 February 2016

A picture of the week


Time for more cat pictures! This time I snuck up on Hershel while he was napping. He was not best pleased.

It's been a pretty busy sociable week this week, which has been lovely, but I can't help wishing I was a cat sometimes so I could just snooze all day and recover! I went out for drinks with an old work colleague on Tuesday, drinks with my current work colleagues on Thursday, and then out for dinner at Caravan with Reda and Rosie on Friday. I went for brunch there almost a year ago for my birthday - the weather was much nicer back then than now, but the food was just as good! We had a few sharing plates, which were so nice - I'm not really sure the cuisine - so I am just going to say it was fusion! It's a little on the pricey side I thought, it came to about £36 each including tip and I was the only one who had a drink, and we couldn't book or be seated til everyone got there so it was a bit of a wait which is always annoying. But as I say the food was excellent, and it was a lovely way to end the week so overall a really nice experience.

Yesterday I picked up a suitcase from my parents' house (Eeek! New York in a week!) and today James parents and brother are coming to visit for the day. I am hoping to persuade everyone we need to go to our local and finally try their Sunday roast - I can't believe we've been living her two years and haven't managed to have a roast dinner there yet!

Best of the week: Dinner at Caravan with Rosie and Reda.

Worst of the week: Being so sociable in the week meant I got basically no jobs done so I ended up having to spend most of Saturday cleaning. Having a messy house is one of my real bugbears, I just can't relax until it's clean and tidy and by Saturday morning it was really not in a good state! It just feels like such a waste of a day to spend Saturday cleaning, but it has got to be done sometime.

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