Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hemming curtains with iron on webbing!


This might not be the most epically exciting blog post ever, but I'm proud of myself so I am writing it anyway! After two years of saying I was going to do it, I finally got around to hemming my bedroom curtains! They were only cheap ones from ikea, which we bought for our old flat because they were really long, and we had really high cealings in the old place. 

The flat was Georgian, who were all about the high cealings, whereas our house is Victorian, and they were much more about the dark and cosy vibe, so I had about two foot of extra curtain mostly picking up dust and cat hair like so:


Because I cannot sew (something I do want to learn but another thing I still haven't gotten around to yet) I bought some iron on webbing and... proceeded to burn a hole in the curtains with the iron, while failing to make any of the webbing stick at all!

I did eventually get the damn stuff to stick, but it did take quite a lot of frustration and effort to get it to work. I should probably accept by now that I am bad at DIY, good at paying other people to do things! And sometimes we should just stick to our strengths! There are usually brief instructions on the box, but tips in case you are as bad as me at these things:

1. Pin your curtains to length while they are hanging, leave a couple of inches on the ground so that if you cut them wonky you won't notice so much.

2. Then lay the curtain flat on the floor and cut to length before you start hemming. Also make sure you have proper fabric scissors, don't expect kitchen scissors to do!

3. start with a low heat setting on your iron and increase gradually, using the spray function to keep the fabric wet. This will help stop synthetic fabric burning/melting.

They've been hemmed and up a week now and they seem to be managing ok, I wasn't sure how secure the webbing would be, but no issues so far. When they are shut you can tell that one of the curtains is about an inch longer than the other, but when they are open I don't think you can really tell. All in all for £3 for the hemming tape and £2 for a box of dressmaking pins, it's a noticeable improvement for me and I'm pleased with the outcome.


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