Thursday, 24 March 2016

30 Before 30


While I was in New York I turned 29, and I feel pretty good about it. I'm in a pretty excellent place in my life - I own a house, live with a man I love, have a job I like and which gives me sufficient time and money to do the things I enjoy, and pretty much every weekend from now until the end of June is filled with seeing friends and family - not bad for the final year of my 20s!

Obviously nothing is perfect, and there have been plenty of rough days along the way, and I am sure plenty more ahead, but I really want to capitalise on being in such a good place, and make the most of this year, and so I started compiling my 30 before 30 list - a list of 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the big three-oh. Some of them are big, most of them are small, and hopefully having a bit of focus will help me stay accountable to myself and make the most out of the coming year.
  1. Get a manicure - I have never had a manicure and I feel like I should have by now!
  2. Learn a craft - Reda and I tried to sign up to a pottery class but we failed. I need to get back on that.
  3. visit New York - a slight cheat because i've done this one but since it was over my 29th Birthday and somewhere I have wanted to go for at least the last 10 years I am counting this!
  4. Take a makeup lesson - while I've taught myself a lot via terrible teenage experimentation and more laterly youtube, I'd like to take a proper lesson and learn some more makeup skills.
  5. Stop chewing my pens - it's a disgusting habit and not one I want to continue in my 30s.
  6. Cook a showstopper dessert - In my head 30-year-old-me has dinner parties and makes desserts which make her guests go wow. 30-year-old-me is counting on 29-year-old-m to make this a reality.
  7. Take a daytrip - I loved our day trip to Cambridge a few weeks ago and I'd like to do more day trips like this.
  8. Finish a DIY job I've been putting off - I have a whole list of projects that need finishing to choose from...
  9. Grow something - my garden is looking a bit barren and my vision is of a green haven. Now the weather is finally getting a bit warmer I need to get this plan into action.
  10. Get a grown up colouring book - it looks fun and relaxing. That's pretty much it.
  11. Read 30 books - this seems like an achievable goal. I read quite a few books at the start of the year but I fell off the wagon recently, so I want to get back to reading a bit more.
  12. Buy one ridiculously expensive/frivolous designer item - just because.
  13. Staycation in a boutique hotel - I'd like to wake up in a different part of London in a really fancy hotel and explore a new-to-me area.
  14. Take a ballet class - I haven't taken a ballet class since i was about six, and I'd like to give it a go again.
  15. Read a prize winning book - I realised the other day I have only read three Booker Prize Winners, and the prize has been going since 1969! Not to mention the many other literary prizes there are out there.
  16. Buy myself flowers - again, jsut because.
  17. Significantly reduce the amount of processed food I eat - this has been something on my mind recently, and something I want to work on. It's probably worth a whole blog post in itself, but needless to say I eat a lot of processed food, and I want to cut down.
  18. Commission a new blog header - I made mine and it's ok, but it is time for something new.
  19. Have a car boot sale - I have a loft full of stuff and I want to lighten the load on both my cealing and my soul.
  20. Get over my fear of driving - I haven't driven a car in maybe six years and I've developed a bit of a phobia. I want to get back behind the driving wheel and get my confidence back.
  21. Crochet a blanket - I admit I haven't picked up a crochet hook since last year and I want to!
  22. Marathon a new tv show - I don't watch much tv at the moment, and I think I need a new show to obsess over.
  23. Eat a new cuisine - I want to broaden my food horizons and try something I have never eaten before.
  24. See something at the Royal Opera House - either an Opera or a Ballet ideally. Again something I haven't done in years (and never at the Royal Opera House) and I'd like to.
  25. Make frozen margaritas - because we drank too many in New York and they are brilliant.
  26. Go to a theme park - again I haven't been to one in years and I'd like to go to one over the summer.
  27. Go mac - My trusty Sony Viao is slowly dying and Windows 10 has not saved it. I've been thinknig about it for a while and I have made the decision to say goodbye to the PC and go Apple.
  28. Eat local for two weeks - similar to my foodie goal of cutting down on processed food, I'd also like to have a go at eating locally and thinknig a bit more about where my food has come from.
  29. Make a roast dinner - I haven't made one in years and I'd like to because they are awesome!
  30. Fake tan - another thing I have never done and I feel I should have by th time I'm 30!


Anonymous said...

You are so so lucky to own your house! I am 33 and I am halfway through my mortgage!

laura said...

I'm 29 next month, I totally need to make this kind of list for myself!

Matthew Pike said...

Which theme park would you choose?

Buckets & Spades