Sunday, 27 March 2016

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. a trip to petersham nurseries 2. advice on choosing and framing prints 3. ten cool chicks 4. lovethis update of a childhood bedroom. it is styled but at the same time looks very livable-in. 5. crew necks at paris fashion week. I am in to this! 6. I can never not post a beautiful black and white home

Happy Easter folksies! Is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday and knowing you still have another two days of glorious weekend? I can't think of anything, unless perhaps the weather was a bit nicer! Typical British bank holiday *grumble grumble*. On Friday we had some friends to stay with their little one and playd a lot of board games and ate a lot of food, then on Saturday I went for lunch with my parents and grandparents. It felt like a pretty full couple of days, particularly with cooking and cleaning to get the house guest-ready, and then doing all the washing up after as our dishwasher broke again so it is quite nice now to basically have another whole weekend where we have next to nothing planned now to recover!

I am considering braving Ikea tomorrow, which on a bank holiday Monday may be a terrible mistake, but meatballs and reasonably priced homewares are calling to me, so we will see. 

Best of the week: Getting an early finish on Thursday so I had a four-and-a-half day weekend. I went to Borough market with Reda and had raclette, coffee and cake.

Worst of the week: Knowing that next week is a busy one at work, and because of the bank holiday we have one less day to get everything done. Right now I am just trying to enjoy the weekend and block out what comes after!

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