Monday, 21 March 2016

New York Purchases


My final New York post is on the bits and bobs I brought home. We didn't do loads of shopping as sightseeing was our main aim on this holiday, but I wanted to visit a few stores we don't have in the UK, or which have different ranges/much lower prices compared to home. First stop was obviously a supermarket for crazy flavours of Poptarts and Reeces miniture cups.


I went to about five Sephoras, although I never found a really big one, which disappointed me a bit, but I picked up a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Berlin, and a Sephora formula X nail varnish in the shade Impeccable. I also picked up a Maybelline Babylips from a drugstore, which we do have in the UK but my lip salve had run out so I needed a new one.


This New York Health Department tray was from West Elm, and probably my only properly 'New York-y' purchase. They had the A grade tray and the B grade tray and the woman at the till told me they always sell out of the A grade but never the B grade for some reason!


Finally I popped into Madewell and picked up this striped t-shirt. I definitely had my heart set on coming back with something from Madewell - their style is just up my alley. This is probably the last of the US shops I really would like to open up over here - Anthropologie and J Crew have been on Regent Street for a while now - it is definitely time for Madewell to join them I think!

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