Sunday, 10 April 2016

A picture of the week


This week has felt looooong so some much needed sofa time with coffee and magazines was had on Saturday afternoon. With the timing of the bank holidays and our trip to New York back in March it's been the first week in about a month which I've had to work a full five days - so it's been tough! Add to that some seriously blah weather and after all my good words on Monday about eating better I've fallen a bit short of my goals this week and so I've been feeling a bit meh. 

I'd really like a proper spring day, some warmth and something good and wholesome to eat.

Today James and I are going to the London Coffee Festival though, so that should perk me back up! I'm looking forward to some good food and a lot of caffeine.

Best of the Week: It's kind of embarassing but I have become pretty obsessed with Farmville 2 this week. It's exactly the sort of brainless timewaster I've needed when I've been feeling a little blue.

Worst of the week: The first couple of days of the week were super hectic at work, and so I missed seeing Reda and Kat who was in town on Monday night. We always have a big deadline around the 4th of the month so it is predictable which I like, it just sucked that happened to coincide with Kat's visit.

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appletoothpaste said...

That's such a fantastic cushion! Hope you enjoyed the London Coffee Festival, I've heard great things about it.