Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ikea Haul


James was working in Croydon on Saturday and finished at 3pm, so I headed down to meet him and ten we went to Ikea. All my work colleagues thought I was nuts for going on a Saturday afternoon, but dare I say it - I really like going to Ikea! The key is to always stop at the cafe first, and don't buy more than you can carry/fit in your car. We were mainly after a recycling bin, but I picked up a few other bits as well. First off was some fake flowers for my vase - although I think I need a few more stems!


I also got the Ikornnes mirror after seeing it on Door Sixteen, and I love it. I've been looking or a mirror for my dressing table for a while, as I was making do with James' shaving mirror, which he finally gets back! It's slightly bigger than I was expecting, which is great for doing makeup, but I need to rearrange all my other dresser top items which are currently just shoved out the way to fit the mirror.


Next up two cushion covers (plus one cushion pad as I already had a spare about the right size). These are the Gullklocka cushions and they feel really nice! Plus the perfect fit with my grey and yellow colour scheme in the living room.


I did not need this weird creepy cat print bowl at all, but come on! Who can say no to a weird creepy cat print bowl?! It's from their new Giltig range, which also features creepy fish, in case you are interested.

Finally a new bathmat! We only have one - a yellow one from John Lewis seen here which I still love, but takes a while to dry when you wash it, so it is good to have a spare.

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