Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. This totally made me ear up a little bit 2. The urge to make green things grow is strong after reading this post 3. I have become a bit of a board game fiend and am always looking for new ones 4. This is a simple but awesome looking DIY 5. Great pegboard inspiration 6. Adding this hummus to my to-make list

 Last weekend we went to my dear friends' Emma and Russ' wedding near Bristol which was so lovely but did not leave much time for blogging. I'm hoping to catch up a bit this week! We met at Uni where we were all members of the same martial arts club, where James and I also met, and it was so good to see so many old friends again.

We used to go to training and then to the pub at least twice a week every week without fail, and it made me super nostalgic for how easy it was to spend time with friends at back then compared to now. I lived with four of my best friends, saw a whole bunch more friends at training every week, and then in the holidays all my school friends would be back home at the same time and I'd see them loads too.

Now everyone lives all over the country instead of down the hall, and have partners and children and jobs, and getting multiple people in the same city at the same weekend takes months of planning. I've still got three more weddings and several hen parties this year so lots of opportunities to see people which I am looking forward too, but still so many more I keep thinking 'we must plan a weekend with them...'

Best of the week:  Got my hair cut for the first time since before Christmas! It's needed doing for ages and my head feels so light now! It's quite short, but given how bad I am at going to the hairdresser that is probably a good thing - it'll take longer to grow out!

Worst of the week: my shopping got delivered today and the milk had leaked and there was milk on everything! First world problems I know...

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Maria Fallon said...

Seeing friends is getting more and more difficult but so worth it when everyone can get together!

Maria xxx