Thursday, 14 April 2016

The London Coffee Festival and Pizza East


I saw an ad for The London Coffee Festival on the tube last a couple of weeks ago and remembered Lily Pebbles mentioning it in a vlog last year, and so I picked up two tickets for me and James and we went on Sunday. It is, as the name suggests, a festival devoted to all things coffee, although there were plenty of tea, milk and soft drink brands there as well in case coffee wasn't your thing.  On the coffee front there was a mixture of coffee brewers and retailers, as well as more trade-y stands showing off the latest in coffee making gadgetry. They were all offering a lot of free tasters - we were completely wired when we left, and James and I drink a lot of coffee normally!

We are by no means coffee experts, we tend to drink instant most of the time, and maybe get the cafetiere out at the weekend, but our coffee mostly comes from Sainsburys. It was a pretty fun and interesting way to spend a morning though, we sat in on a talk about Turkish Coffee which has made me really want to seek out a Turkish coffee house now - they grind the beans really finely and don't use a filter. I was really glad we picked the morning slot to go to because by the time we left it was sooo busy.

The only thing I was a bit dissapointed with was the food selection wasn't amazing. We hopped over to Shoreditch instead and went to Pizza East for the first time. Every time we've tried to go before the queue has been insane but it was pretty empty at 12.30 on a Sunday so we were able to get a seat straight away. I had a pizza with truffles and a lot of different types of cheese which was pretty good. Nothing for me beats Franco Manca though - my ultimate pizza choice in London.

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Lily Lipstick said...

I really wish I'd gone to this - weirdly I went off coffee for the first part of this year but I now like it again! The Bridge in Shoreditch does great Turkish coffee if you're east again. x