Monday, 30 May 2016

Lewisham Model Market


I grew up in Lewisham and feel a really strong connection to the borough, although I live in neighbouring Greenwich now, and so I was pretty pleased to see how successful the pop up street food market based in what used to be a lot of shut down shops at the far end of the high street. I kept meaning to go last summer, but it wasn't until Friday that I finally made it. James and I have started trying to do more date nights recently, and we each try to plan one a month, so this was my choice for May.

The food and the atmosphere were brilliant. We got there about half five on a Friday night, and the food was just starting up and there were lots of families around, moving into a more adult feel later in the night. We started with Mojitos from the Rotery bar and Bao buns from Yum Bun, which were delish. These were quickly followed by Naan sliders from Rola Wala and loaded nachos from Club Mexicana - probably my favourite food of the evening. Finally because we are total glutons it was doughnuts from You Doughnut - I got chocolate with sprinkles, James got salted caramel, both were amazing.

It was a little on the pricey side, particularly if you have a couple of cocktails each as we did (Friday night and all!) but totally worth the money in my opinion. We also shared all our dishes so we probably bought more over all, but there were plenty of big single-meal options like burgers or jerk chicken which would have come in cheaper.

The only thing I was a little disappointed with was how undiverse it felt, compared to the rest of Lewisham. I am so pleased to see what was a run down area being given a new lease of life, but Lewisham is a fantastically vibrant, cultural melting pot of a place, and I feel like there is a fine line line between investing in the community and gentrification. I loved being able to support local foody businesses, and seeing all the old shop fronts full of people, but it also feels like if the people in the community aren't coming to your thing that's a bit of a problem.

I had a fab evening at the Model Market though, and am already trying to decide what I want to eat when I go back, so all in all thumbs up from me!

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Farrah said...

The food looks great!
Gentrification is kind of a big problem here in nyc. While it does bring more safety to neighborhoods, it kind of takes away the heart of the neighborhood. The original NYers who cant afford rent here anymore are being pushed farther and farther out of the city to make room for the richer kids coming in from outside of nyc.
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